Saturday, March 3, 2012

St. Peter's Gate (Iced Tea)

I am an atheist.  I guess that is a simple way of describing my present belief system. I am still available to have my mind changed.  I wish that someone, anyone could show me some new information. Something that will make me realize that I have been wrong.  I have read thousands of documents.  I have searched and investigated.  I have spoken with people. I have written letters to inquire about this subject.  So far, there have been no epiphanies, no new information that would make obvious the existence of an external God. I will continue to look but there seems to be no evidence.
I believe that we, as a species, underestimated just how huge this entity would need to be.  Every God that I have ever had described to me was, in fact, to small time, to worship.  I think when we were imagining what God was; we had a real bad idea of how big the universe is.  We then made him very small.  Do you know that if we had a scale model of our known universe, even if this scale model was as large as the entire United States of America, Earth would still be too small to see?  That is because the universe is so large as to be incomprehensible.  We cannot really wrap our minds around how large it is.  It is truly beyond our experience.  I believe then that we created God’s that were entirely too small to be Gods. I continue to hope that I will stumble upon a piece of information that will change my understanding.  At the time of this writing, it does not look promising.

Therefore, I have a dream. 
No really, I have this dream once in awhile. 
This often occurs after spending a frustrating period of time arguing or debating the question of whether or not God exists.  I get so frustrated sometimes, really pissed. Just like a preacher myself.  Pointing at the Good Book and hollering about fire and brimstone. 
Instead of that, I get real arrogant and defensive; I point all the many scientific reasons that counter any theist idea.  I am horrible and I always regret these tirades.
Seems really, if I have no belief in magic or whatever, I really am not the one to convince anyone who may well be quite comfortable taking an enormous leap of faith.
If I am very honest, I am hoping that someone stops me and proves me wrong! Could you imagine? Clear irrefutable evidence that there is any afterlife. Does not matter which afterlife, any will do. 
Nevertheless, nobody has, not yet.
Anyway, I have this dream.  I am 89 years old and I die in my sleep. Comfortably, of course, it is a dream.  Within seconds, I am standing next to a giant harp-shaped Pearly Gate.  
St. Peter is standing there with the little clouds all around his feet.  He has this clipboard in his hand and a quill pen.  He has a cynical look on his face and he is shaking his head just slightly.  To tell the truth, he looks a lot like George Carlin. The George Carlin that I knew when I was young, from like 1976 or so, with the ponytail and all.  Anyway he looks at me with a doubtful smile and says, "Look, we decided to let you in, even though you doubted, even though you successfully convinced others, we weren't here, we decided to take a chance. I grinned and exhaled. 
“Wait,” Peter says, “Don’t let out all that hot air yet, there are some ground rules. This is not a playground, nor a prison.  You are not here to recruit people for your own causes.  Stays very low-key avoid controversies.  We like peace.  As long as you do these things, I'm sure you'll be just fine." 
I am thrilled, and promise Pete that I will be a real angel. (Oops)  I do get a little curious before walking through the gate. I say to Pete, “hey, why would I need to recruit anybody?”  I was thinking that even I should be content here.
Pete looked at me with ages of wisdom, patience, and maybe some annoyance.
I get the idea that maybe I will just look and listen until I get the hang of it.
Before we parted, he told me one more thing.
“We never run out of iced tea." he says
Hey, it‘s a dream, just a dream..


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