Saturday, March 3, 2012

Socially Speaking; (The Rant)

I’ve been thinking. I watch the news, I read an awful lot. I have been studying, among another things, the human condition. Mostly, the human condition as it applies to us here in the US. I happen to believe that borders and separating human beings was a mistake right from the start. I truly think that as we were evolving, both physically and socially, we could have made some better choices in our reactions to the environment. The biggest one, in my humble opinion, was this idea of breaking into groups. Suddenly we were different; he has red hair…that person is darker in color..etc. Now, instead of humanity standing together to grow and feel and learn, we looked and found differences that has nearly ever since, kept us focused on that, instead of our mutuality. I have stated many times, I am not the most educated person, nor do I claim any expertise in human nature or development. I am just a regular cat, maybe slightly eccentric, but really a regular Joe. It seems to me though that this is probably obvious to most thinkers. This idea of separation from each other, differences being so much more important than similarities. Well, I also must admit that there is no solution. Seems to me that it is a situation that has such momentum that it cannot be stopped, no matter how many regular Joe’s and great thinkers alike, see the futility of it. I’ll just say that in a perfect world, where say, I was supreme leader or some such, there would be no borders, no separate forms of humanity, none. I mean has the sovereignty thing really worked out? When a man from Mexico wants to move north so that he may make a better life for his family, in my opinion, why the fuck not? What makes me more deserving of the milk and honey than he is? An accident of birth. Period, that’s all I got. That cannot make sense to any right minded person. It absolutely does not to me. “Brach, my parents and grandparents worked hard to make this country strong and free and wealthy so that Americans could move into the future with confidence and security.”
Replace the word Americans with the word people and I’m on board. An accident of where you were born doesn’t, actually I should shouldn’t, be a factor in opportunity to have a better life. If I were born in Africa somewhere, or Mexico, I wouldn’t be able to write this shit. Not that they are not free to do so, I’m pretty sure they are, however, most people with my level of activity in their lives are so dirt poor that they can hardly go to school, let alone own a computer. Man, that breaks my heart when it occurs to me. I don’t know if these kinds of ideas are socialist, or Marxist or what-the-fuck-ever but I don’t give a shit about that. As we evolve, as we grow and learn. As we get more information, the idea is to set aside the less informed views of yesterday and to apply our new knowledge to the world as it is today……Which brings me to the reason for this rant.
We in America have wealth to the extent that most of us cannot put our heads around it. The numbers are so big as to make me dizzy. We spend almost all of it, in one degree or another on WAR! Yes we do. Man, I get almost to a point of tears as I learn more and realize what that really means. Forgive me for this but goddammit, that is scary for my grandchildren, for my children, for ME!
I’ve read so much more since I was originally pissed off enough to bitch. Seems I was premature. Perhaps I got into that state of mind a bit too soon.
Oh, things are much worse even now, overall. I just think pissed off, ranting and complaining, spouting better ideas, well, it’s been done. It has really been done to death. We can say with utmost confidence that these are not the way to solve the problem. That research is, in fact, complete.
Well, it will take drastic, as of yet indescribable, change in things. I do not yet know exactly what all that will be. I will though. I will or I’ll be completely insane for looking.
Until we meet again.
“The most heroic word in all languages is revolution.” Eugene Debs


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