Saturday, March 3, 2012

A Tornado Miracle

I was watching an old news broadcast.  It was from somewhere in central Kansas, there had been a terrible tornado.  The storm had completely destroyed a small farming community.  In fact, every single human being in this small farming town of under fifty people were killed, except one family that had managed to save themselves by getting into the storm cellar before the winds prevented it.
That is a very sad and horrible news story.  I found it while looking through data of weather patterns when I was planning a trip to the middle of the country.  I was intrigued by the headline so I decided to watch the short video of those survivors being interviewed there locally.
The interviewer started with a simple question.  “What do you attribute to the fact that only you and your family were able to survive this atrocity?”
As the camera began to zoom toward the face of this average American family man, I knew what was coming and I was sick for it.
“Why, it is only because of the great miracle of GOD.” 
He smiled dazedly as he continued.  “The Lord has blessed my family and I, a real miracle.”…………..
WHAT THE FUCK am I missing?
I couldn't believe that the local newsman missed that opportunity.  Maybe he just let it pass, I don't know, but I would have grabbed that line and ran with it.  I'd have asked him, really sir, and how exactly do you think your neighbors missed the boat?  Did they somehow piss off your GOD?  Were they displeasing somehow, perhaps they had practiced some abomination, eating shellfish, homosexuality,  adultery, not honoring their respective parents?
I was absolutely offended by the remark.
If I am missing something,….actually, I am not missing a damn thing.  I only see that the safety net that is religion is more dangerous than I even saw before.  I am just blown away to think that grown, educated, otherwise rational people still buy it.  Unbelievable.


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