Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bad Poetry.

Sitting alone with my dementia intact
My invisible friends have moved on
Staring at the back of my shadows head
Nothing moving
Thinking about the days ahead
And How the world might greet me
Shaking hands with a spirit I know
Laughing at myself
Thinking about how Im always right
When i argue with someone not there
Grinning at a secret that I only know
Still not gonna tell.
Yesterday is still hanging around
Tommorrow is early again.
Hoping next month doesnt stop by
Sometimes I scare myself
Fire It Up!__________________
A hot little blonde in a shiny black Porshe,
A brunette in shorts ridin' a horse.
A fine little Redhead, layin by her van.
Her long shiny legs, oiled up for tan.
Every kind of woman in the summer sun,
Dressed for each other and ready for fun.
I sit at my window and stare through the glass,
touching myself and smokin some grass.
I wonder just how they'd feel,
If they knew I was here, even if I was Real
I sit in my chair Thats comes fit with wheels,
Never to stand,
Never To Feel,
Sitting alone is not much a task,
when I'm Touching Myself and Smokin Good grass.
Doghouse in the Rain
My baby and I had a real big fight
I was out of the house "for good" that night.
I slept out somewhere in the cold hard rain
easier to live with than the pain.
The very next day i ran right back
I would not be welcome, she said through the crack.
My little girl saw me standing in the rain,
With sad, sad eyes, she waved through the pane.
I looked back at her and my heart did break,
I need to make it right for her sake.
She carefully, and quite sneaky too,
brought me bread and some cheese too,
as i sat in the doghouse in the rain,

: Alcoholics Anonymous
Chanting, raving, lying fools,
tellin' how you use your tools.
your sponsor, your God,
your fucking steps,
How many times
You fucking wept.
The grace of pain.
Your power and prayer.
Peeling your onion
layer after layer.
Recovery this, healing that,
How many hours you've fucking sat
Beside another just like you,
Claiming your shit some disease like the flu.
Come on man, stand up and say it,
Its my own damn fault and I'm fulla shit!
Living in fear with every breath
Hiding around every corner
Cover my face
When camera's come out
Nobody knows my name!
Every moment of every day,
I pretend to be
What I'm not.
It's sweating, trembling,
It's terror!
Finally I arrive
destination is met,
I sit all alone in the corner.
There's nothing more I need to say.
As I download porn at the cyber cafe.


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